Villa Bossi has a particular richness of interiors, accurately restored. This makes it a perfect location for your winter event, whether it’s a wedding reception or a Christmas dinner, a business event or a party with friends.
The variety of the interiors is well designed to accommodate your guests, who can walk freely through the warm rooms lit by hundreds of candles. The delicate colours of the frescoes, the antique furniture, the accurate lighting, the Collection of musical instruments create an elegant, enveloping and welcoming atmosphere.
The Ancient Kitchen with the glow of its copper pots, the Library with the historical billiard, the large frescoed hall, overlooking the terrace and the Italian Garden, will give your winter event a feeling of unique hospitality, that will remain in the memories of those who will share it with you.
The large and charming sixteenth-century Cellar, directly facing the pool area, is a multifunctional space suitable for aperitifs, dinners and also for dancing.
Villa Bossi hosts only one event per day: each space will be dedicated to the needs of your guests, so that they can really feel at home.
In December, the villa is adorned with the Christmas tree, with garlands and decorations. If you wish, we can light the fireplace of the central room, so that the atmosphere is even more intimate and comfortable.
Also in winter every event is unique in Villa Bossi: imagine the entrance through the Italian Garden, let yourself be guided by the lights of the terrace and leave the cold behind you, enter our house, where the warmth of the rooms will accompany you along your special day. If we are lucky, a gentle snow will cover everything with white, making every moment even more magical.
We ensure full personal attention on the organization of every detail of your event.


  • Official Civil Ceremony
  • Official Civil Union
  • Wi-fi
  • Video projector and screen
  • Agreements with hotel and restaurant facilities
  • Foreign languages: English, French, German

Additional services:

  • Music services
  • Support apartment
  • Children’s entertainment
  • Guided tours of the Luthier Workshops and the Ancient Musical Instruments Collection
  • Use of the swimming pool with lifeguard service
  • Shuttle service