Villa Bossi overlooks an Italian-style garden enclosed between hornbeam hedges, surrounded by an English-style park with ancient trees. The suggestive sixteenth-century kitchen, the eighteenth-century frescoed halls, the library with the original pool and the ancient cellar are furnished with antique furniture and objects that create a warm and elegant atmosphere to hold wedding receptions and private parties.
At Villa Bossi companies can find the added value that gives their identity prestige, through the organization of meetings, conferences and business dinners surrounded by history and music.

At Villa Bossi music is everywhere. A place where handcrafts and tradition merge in the production of harpsichords and fortepianos, Villa Bossi also houses a collection of ancient musical instruments and hosts concerts with internationally renowned performers. In every room, you can breathe a charming, elegant and romantic atmosphere; the presence of musical instruments of all kinds arouses the curiosity of the guests and invites them to discover one room after the other.

Villa Bossi is the seat to BIZZI - Historical Keyboard Instruments, a company with high international prestige, specialized in the construction of harpsichords, fortepianos, clavichords and restoration of original nineteenth-century pianos.

The handcraft keyboard instruments making activity works along “Accademia Europea Villa Bossi”, which manages all the cultural activities of the villa. The Accademia is primarily a high specialization music institute, with an innovative concept, aimed to the recruitment of young talents into the concert world.
The Accademia collaborates with some of the most important European conservatories and is leader of the NEUMA project, selecting the best students of these important institutions, improving their level of interpretation and bringing them to play in a big network of musical seasons.

During its Master Week End, Villa Bossi is a ferment of teachers, young talents, lute-makers and music instruments forming a set of excellences unique in the world, a benchmark for teaching, research, construction and restoration.

The Accademia is dedicated not only to high specialization, but has also set up a guided tour that attracts schools and families with visitors of all ages.
The Ancient Cellar introduces the history of the Bossi family, the Luthier Workshops allow you to see and touch the activity of construction of musical instruments. The Collection of Ancient Musical Instruments collects medieval, Renaissance and Baroque specimens, numerous copies of instruments in various stages of construction, the materials and tools of the activity. The eighteenth-century wing and the Italian-style Garden invite you to imagine the splendour of the past-time and a musical demonstration performed on the harpsichord leaves to the visitors a deeper pleasure than the mere learning remembrance or the contemplation of a journey through the centuries: the experience of a place that, holding out a hand to its history and the other to the future time, lives with music and art.

It is possible to visit all rooms also during business and private events at Villa Bossi. Organizing a visit to the Luthier Workshops and the Antique Instruments Collection is a special added value for our guests.

At Villa Bossi music is the protagonist of the season RED CARPET Concerti, which each year brings young talents of the Accademia on the stage of the Old Cellar, along with its internationally renowned artists.

You may also find the successful theatre performances of the season RED CARPET Teatro and the educational activities of the Accademia RED CARPET, qualified in theatre and cinema specialization.