Venues for Shooting and Photo Shoot in Varese


Villa Bossi, for the quality and the amount of its spaces, is an ideal setting for photo and video shooting.The exterior of Villa Bossi meet the different setting needs: in the large Park with ancient trees, a stream goes into a still wild nature, in the stone tables shaded by willow trees and horse chestnuts an English-style casual romance flourishes, while the beautiful Italian garden embodies the rich aesthetic of the eighteenth century.

From the elegant frescoed hall to the cosy music rooms facing the Loggia, from the sixteenth-century Cellar to the high neo-medieval tower, from the Luthier Workshop to the Collection of Ancient Musical Instruments, the forty-six rooms of Villa Bossi, of various sizes, with antique objects and furniture, are well suited to become photo sets for fashion and promotional shooting, films and music videos.
The environments of Villa Bossi are a basic set that can be enriched by the elements that from time to time characterize the various shoots, while the furnishings, the frescoed walls and the musical instruments are an added value having a great visual impact.