From the messages of our guests:

"Thank you for your kind and warm welcome. I could admire the sumptuousness of the furnishings, the precious research of the points of light: the serenity of yesteryear. And again the brilliance of the branches, the engraved glass, the big billiard."

"Walking through the halls of Villa Bossi you can breathe an atmosphere of refined simplicity, and you have the pleasant sensation of feeling at home."

"... at Villa Bossi I have not found an empty, impersonal location. At Villa Bossi I found a “lived” house, a house with a soul."

"It's like Villa Bossi is waiting for you.
You do not enter it on tiptoe as in other historical residences, but with slow and sure steps, as if you almost felt at home. Only the breath lingers, not to disperse the scent of stone and old wood, in an attempt to retain in itself the image of the garden, the row of poplars from the glass of the windows, the light on the landing. Villa Bossi reveals history, care, elegance and a polished simplicity..."