Venues for Official Civil Unions in Varese


By the “Law 76, 2016 20 May” Italy has recognised same-sex Civil Unions, providing same-sex couples with most of the legal protections enjoyed by married couples.

By virtue of an agreement signed with the Municipality of Bodio Lomnago, obtained with the consent of the Prefecture of Varese, at Villa Bossi it is possible to celebrate official Civil Ceremonies and Civil Unions. Among the reasons for this significant concession, the Municipality recognizes the important cultural initiatives and the symbolic importance - in the complex of Villa Bossi - of the Tower of Bodio, important monument also present in the town emblem.

The Civil Union, valid for foreign citizens as well, can be celebrated by the Mayor or his representative, or a proxy may be granted to any Italian citizen having the full enjoyment of civil and political rights. This allows many couples to ask a trusted friend or another person believed to have the moral requirements for this task.

At Villa Bossi is also possible to celebrate symbolic ceremonies, ceremonies for other beliefs and secular ceremonies.

Some splendid locations of Villa Bossi are set up for your wedding in Italy: the Pergola shaded by wisteria and jasmine, which overlooks the Italian-style garden; the Chopin Salon, which offers a view of the garden and the park, and where, for those who wish it, a grand piano is always at disposal; the wide and suggestive Cellar of the sixteenth century; the Loggia with columns overlooking the Grand Court.

Those who would like to get prepared comfortably in Villa Bossi can have a support suite available, where to host their makeup artist, hairdresser, photographers and the beloved people they want close to them.