In 2007, the Bizzi family has purchased the historical Villa of the small town Bodio Lomnago and has decided to give it the name of its founder, a businessman of the XVI century, Bernardo Bossi who had a profitable activity with the sale of salt to the local fishermen.
Villa Bossi is now an important historical site registered in the list of properties bound to the Italian general direction of monuments.

After a very complex work of property renovation, Villa Bossi has become an international music centre in which different types of activities take place.
We wish to outline that BIZZI - Villa Bossi does not receive any kind of financial public contribution nor any other form of support and is sustained exclusively by our entrepreneurial initiatives hereafter described and, in the first place by the sale of musical instruments.

Wedding parties and business conventions

Villa Bossi looks out onto a spectacular Italian garden enclosed by hornbeams and a beautiful park with centuries-old trees.
Its evocative kitchen from the 16th century, its frescoed rooms from the 18th century, the library with the original pool-table and the ancient cellar hold original pieces of furniture and create a warm atmosphere, where couples find a homely ambiance to celebrate their most important day.
Companies may find an interesting added value to their business image, organizing meetings and conventions.


The musical vocation of Villa Bossi is expressed by an accurate set of services aimed to make each event unique.
“Musica” is the project of Servizi Musicali that Villa Bossi offers for weddings, private and business events.
The staff of musicians that Villa Bossi has selected meets any type of musical genre.
“Musica - Villa Bossi Servizi Musicali” operates at Villa Bossi and in any other location.


Pianoforti900 seleziona e vende pianoforti usati e d’occasione, restaura e vende pianoforti storici del ‘900, e vende pianoforti nuovi YAMAHA, di cui è rivenditore autorizzato. Pianforti900 esegue interventi di manutenzione, regolazione e accordatura di pianoforti a casa vostra e il restauro completo di pianoforti presso il laboratorio BIZZI.


Villa Bossi offers many different cultural activities. The “Antica Cantina” has become a welcoming concert hall where the professors and young artists of the Accademia perform in the “RED CARPET” season.
Schoolchildren and students of all ages visit the ‘FABBRICA DEL CLAVICEMBALO’ where they can see the construction of harpsichords and fortepianos and listen to their music, walk through an important collection of musical instruments and attend workshops where they learn music, theatre and even the construction of the monochord, starting at the age of 5.

BIZZI Sas - Historical Keyboard Instruments

Our company has become leader worldwide in the field of harpsichord, fortepianos and clavichord construction.
We inspire our work the construction principles of the great families of the past, trying to combine the great Italian craftsmanship tradition with the modern management concept that the global market requires.
BIZZI instruments can be found in 48 Countries.


This is an innovative teaching institute which aims at completing the basic education given by the Conservatories with a high number of complementary services that we consider necessary to start a concert career.
The Accademia offers our students the possibility to meet some of the most important artists and professors of these days and organizes concerts for our young talents.
The Accademia collaborates with some of the most important European conservatories and is leader of the NEUMA project, selecting the best students of these important institutions, improving their level of interpretation and bringing them to play in a big network of musical seasons.